Scenic Idaho

Seth needed some specific photographs for a typography project he's doing, with the theme Sunlight. So we did some classic Idaho sight seeing and went to Mesa Falls and the sand dunes to take some pictures. I usually don't get excited about taking pictures of trees and sand, but it was nice to get in touch with nature and do something a little different.

Just warning you now, LOTS of sun flares, and just a few rainbows (not photoshopped).

Picture 23

Picture 36
Picture 28

Picture 29

Picture 32

Picture 27

Picture 31

Picture 30

Picture 25

Picture 40

Picture 35

Picture 39


esther.beazer said...

i really like these maddy! good job!

Anonymous said...

hey, how come you didn't take me to all of these cool places when I came to Idaho???
These pictures are var cool

Lindsay said...

so so beautiful!