Field Trip

Went on a field trip today for class to use the large format cameras. 4x6, 7x17, and an 8x10 were involved...woo! I brought along my Hasselblad and took this shot of Melissa setting up the 8x10 camera, the camera itself is a piece of art.

(it was a fun day).

Picture 1


Baby Holga

I picked up this little gem at the DI in Idaho falls, and when I bought it I figured it was a 35 mm holga, but the name holga isn't anywhere on the camera. Turns out there is no vignetting, but still a really neat camera, and I have fun with it. It's lightweight so I carry it around with me.

Here are some fun little shapshots I got with it while in Utah, and some in Rexburg too of course. I didn't do any editing, I kind of like what the camera gave me.