Preston Pugmire

Seth's Video using Preston's song "Headphones"

Louisville, Kentucky

We took a trip to Louisville a while ago and as it turns out, Louisville is really, really cool.  You can read more about the trip here, but here are some of my film highlights.

Bardstown Road:

Around Louisville

Please and Thank You coffee shop (with a record listening room)

On the way to Mammoth Cave.  

Churchill Downs: 


Quail Run night photos

After coming home from a movie at midnight I couldn't help but grab my tripod and take a few shots of the odd lighting outside.  The moon was bright and there was a lot of fog.  These were taken at midnight but some of them look like the could have been taken at twilight.  It's been a while since I've taken night photos and it's always a surprise to see how they turn out.


Large Format Portraits

These family pictures were all taken on my large format camera.  I bought this camera a year ago and came close to selling it a few times.  It's very expensive to buy the film and have it developed.  It takes about 10 full minutes to set up one shot.  It's cumbersome and a total pain.  We have a love hate relationship, the large format camera and I.  I've always found it difficult to do portraits with this thing as I like to capture certain moments that's not quite possible with this camera.  However, using it in the studio has been pretty great.  So I think I'll keep it around for a bit.

PS this is what it looks like when I shoot with this monster of a camera:

Video by Seth: