Series Continued

Suitcase, bike...traveling, get it? No longer using the Hasselblad for these, as I ran into some technical difficulties. Just good ol' digital.

Picture 20

Picture 17

Picture 16

Picture 19

Picture 18

Picture 14

Picture 21

Picture 13

Picture 15

Picture 22


Russell and Esther said...

haha mellisa and miles look cute together

Anonymous said...

maaaddy look at all these gorgeous photos you take! the running through the field one is my favorite i think. i like to pick my favorites out and then tell you about them.
can you burn me music and bring it to me when you come out? i am desperate for a little something new

Seth said...

michelle, your new name is anonymous.

Jenn said...

Love these photos.

Anonymous said...

i also really like the one where they are running through the field and there are no faces.