I finally got into a Photo I class and I am loving it! One of our first assignments was to capture motion, I was having a hard time finding anything and decided to head to the park to see what I could find. On my way there, I passed the seed mill and noticed this huge swarm of birds. I pulled over and took some pictures. This was a film assignment, but I think the digital pictures turned out better.




polity of man said...

ohmygash isn't that john lennon book great???? i found it for cheap a little while ago and had to buy it. if you want to see some picshures you can go to my flickr page it's http://flickr.com/photos/haventyouheard/

but they're not that great. i like your bird ones, i wish i had some more inspiring scenery like that around here.

Henry Parents said...

Great bird pics! Is that with the Rebellious Canon? I am just now taking my new Nikon out for a spin. I haven't uploaded any pics, but it's been fun playing with it.

That book is so very cute, almost as cute as really small cupcake bowls.

What did you end up putting for Z?

Do you have a flickr account? Just wondering...

Enigma-Machinist said...

Love the bird pics.
the book is cool too.